Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outta the mouth of my babe: homeschool life

We went to the farmer's market the day after I returned home from England. One of the vendor's looked at Toby and said, "Are there parent conferences at school again, or are you...homeschooled?"

Big smile. "I'm homeschooled."

"Oh, then you must be very smart. Homeschoolers learn so much, don't they?" she said.

"Well, the world is our classroom," I said.

"And every day's a fieldtrip," Toby added. I swear I didn't put him up to it!

So, here's our new homeschooling motto:

The whole world is our classroom, all our work is homework, and every day's a fieldtrip!

We started a nature table last week. It was wonderful scouring our property for Mother Nature's treasures. We collected specimens and then identified them on the internet. (LOVE the internet!) The snake skin was a gift from my friend Kathy. It's perfect, even has little eye skins!

Another new development is Ben's blog, MrCool's Food Blog. You must check it out.

And to think a couple weeks ago when I asked him to write a few paragraphs he ran away from home, temporarily.


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G said...

Love the nature table, the new motto, AND Ben's blog! Hmmm.... maybe blogging would work for a boy of mine, though right now he seems to be happy with the blank journal I got him for his birthday.