Monday, July 16, 2012

Brave hunter

This morning my cat, Dodger, was full of passion. I sat on the steps near the staircase landing, my toes hanging over the edge, and he rubbed against them m'yowww'ing at me. The more I scratched him the more he turned to give me tiny love bites. He was so full of sensuous catness. The roiling and rubbing and nipping at my toes and fingers.  Harry came out of the bathroom and that cat rushed to the corner of the railing and pushed his head through, a whoosh of passion rushing over him towards his boy. "Pet me! Rub me! I looooove you!" he seemed to say.

A little while later I found him here:

curled up on a sleeping bag on the floor of my bedroom (Toby had slept there the night before).

A little while after that I found a BIG dead mouse smack in the middle of the kitchen floor.


More like, proud brave kitty, home from the kill. (Although, I will admit the mouse seemed almost flattened on one side and quite dead...not sure if Dodger did it. But he was oh so proud all the same!)

There's nothing like battle to turn on the passions.

Monday, July 2, 2012

:: right now ::

Maurice was impressed with the size of the onions at our local farmer's market.
right now I am...

:: enjoying  getting to know our 15 year old foreign exchange student, Maurice, who is staying with us this month. He is a delight: bright, witty, enthusiastic, willing, and open. His English is excellent and he loves video games! What more could our family ask for?

:: basking  in the sweet afterglow of two teen boys returned from a week of meditating and getting real with themselves. The conversations we've had...aaaahhh...sweet!

:: watching  said boys turning into spectacular young men.

:: digging  into some serious creative sewing using the book Do-It-Yourself Clothing Design by Cal Patch. My first attempts last week (with A-line skirts) turned out beautifully and I can't wait to get started on the second project!

:: gathering  food to make our 3rd of July picnic. We have a glorious down-homey celebration here in town the night before the big day. We'll be showing Maurice the Big American Holiday, Sebastopol-style!

:: feeling  the gratitude for a bountiful life, a beautiful place to live in, and much, much love around me every day!