Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Return Trip

I'm heading out to Sacramento again today. Chanel followed my advice and kept her legs crossed this past week! Looking forward to seeing that baby boy by this afternoon. I'll be home with photos by tomorrow night.

Yesterday I received Jasmine's wedding invitation. It made me cry. The words printed at the top were: "Because you have shared in our lives by your friendship and love, we...invite you to share the beginning of our new life together..." How perfect and how beautiful. I took it personally, though I'm not the only recipient of the invitation, of course. I can't wait to share that day with her. To witness it. To be a part of the milestones in her life, as I have been in some way since she was nine years old.

And now to Chanel...this is one mighty milestone. Time to get on the road.


G said...

Hoping all goes well for Chanel! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Cathy said...

What lucky young girls Chanel and Jasmine were to have you in their lives . . . and what lucky young women they are today, for the same.