Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby, baby, baby

Baby Josiah is here. I want to wax poetic, there’s so much to tell, but for now I’ll just post some images from the two days I spent in the hospital with Chanel. I’ll write about it when I have more time. The donkeys are braying for breakfast!

Chanel's friend LaToya and I were in the operating room with her during the C-section.

If this isn't the picture of "the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" I don't know what is.


susan said...

gorgeous, amazing photo's! wow! "everything that lives is delights in life." (Wm. Blake) Thanks, Susie!

G said...

What beautiful photos! I love the breastfeeding one, and I am in awe that she's going against her culture to do this. Such a gorgeous new baby!

Carolyn said...

What wonderful photos and words, Susie. I was just so touched by the beauty of both.

Slow Family Online said...

Hi Susie. Your words and pictures are so beautiful and moving and wise. I feel completely enriched by them and so appreciate you taking the time to share this wonderful blessing.