Monday, February 15, 2010

Surgery's over!

Ben's surgeon just came in to tell us everything went great. Ben's getting set up in the PICU and we'll be heading over there for the night. (I may not actually get back to the hotel tonight as it just started snowing.) Dr. C was thrilled with how everything went. No complications and the results look good. He showed us the x-ray and his spine shows significant straightening. What a relief!

I'm so tired...Mark should be, I'm sure he got less sleep than I last night, but he's doing ok, too.

The night will be rough. He'll have discomfort and pain (though morphine should help) and he has a chest tube which we've heard is very uncomfortable. Plus he was under anesthesia for 8 hours...there's always an effect from that.

Dr. C says they'll take a scan of his chest tomorrow morning and if everything looks good they'll take out the chest tube. That's supposed to be frightening, but not too painful.

Anyhow, we've just been called by the nurse to come see our boy!



Sandy said...

Everything sounds perfect. That chest tube does sound a bit disconcerting to say the least, but we're so happy that you all have this behind you. What a relief to have already straightened the spine a bit, just from having the surgery done. Sounds like keeping him as comfortable as possible will be job #1 for the next few days. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Truly, truly amazing is Ben (Yoda says so). We are deliriously HAPPY to hear that surgery went so well, matching Ben's attitude and everyone's expectations! May the healing process be as smooth as silk for the Prince. You guys are the epitome of strength, all the Millers! (Harry, you rock. Toby, same, bud.) Susie & Mark, one couldn't ask for cooler parents. Love to all of you. Hope your spirits keep riding high! Kari, Seth and Jordan

Susie (aka Three Boys Farm Mama) said...

thanks guys...having you there as our cheering squad makes all the difference in the world! more to come...big hugs!

Paul said...

So delighted that everything went well. Wishing Ben the speediest recovery ever.

Our love to all.

Paul and Elaine