Saturday, February 13, 2010

The royal treatment

How do you make a boy feel like a prince?

When he arrives at the door of your hotel, the Ritz-Carlton, you get VERY excited when you find out who he is.
You and EVERYone working in the lobby knows his name and makes sure to greet him with an ear to ear smile.
You say, "We've been waiting to meet you!"
You offer him treats from a wagon of silly kid stuff, and when he declines (politely) you offer him a movie, which he accepts.
You bring him a sparkling cider in a champagne flute and a glass of the bubbly (the real kind) for his mom.
You, the general manager, come out to meet him as he arrives and shake his hand telling him to let you know if there's anything he needs.
You arrange a huge room for him and his parents with three luxurious beds, a marble bath, and a pretty city view.

You know his name, no matter who you are in the hotel, you seem to have heard about him...he is practically royalty.
You are thrilled to help him find a great restaurant for dinner.
You happily hand over a packet of maps and other things specially prepared for him to help him have fun while he's here.

And you give him the opportunity to take a relaxing bubble bath the night before he checks into the hospital...

It doesn't get much better than this.

Thank you, Barbara. What an incredible treat this is.


shawna said...!!! Absolutely!!! Way to change the intro, with expectations of a different, totally different experience this encounter. Hang in there mom, we are right behind you all the way...

Susie (aka Three Boys Farm Mama) said...

Thanks, Shawna... I'm looking forward to seeing what they pull out of their hats today!

Sandy said...

How unexpected! He deserves every bit of the royal treatment. You all do! We are holding you close in our hearts and thoughts. Good luck tomorrow!