Monday, June 25, 2012

:: right now ::

Saying goodbye before the bus carried Toby off to Camp Tawonga.
right now I am...

 :: breathing  in the quiet of a house sans three boys as all have gone off to adventures in the woods

:: wondering  what each boy is up to at this very minute: meditating? eating? singing? hiking? playing? laughing?

:: worrying  (just a little bit) about the boy who is prone to home-sickness and hoping that his big brother will gently take him under his wing and brush away his sadness

:: feeling  the space open up in my life when my children are away and my list of responsibilities is more closely focused on just little ol' me

:: noticing  the gooseflesh on my arms and legs and appreciating (or trying to, anyways) that today won't be a scorcher and accepting that maybe I should get some jeans and a sweatshirt on

:: listening  to the soft snoring of one very tired man who went to bed before I did last night and has stayed in bed past when I awoke. Me thinks he has some catching up to do!

:: enjoying  the thought of three days off together with that very same tired man

:: thinking  about all I want to accomplish in the few days before two boys return from meditating and one (new) boy arrives from Germany

:: procrastinating  about getting started with the chores because that might mean I'm not relaxing anymore

:: considering  if there might be a new way to approach chores that could incorporate a more relaxed frame of mind...hmmmm...

:: hoping  to make time this week to exercise and cook and meditate and write and sew and organize and clean out and pretty up and build and plant AND knowing it can't all be done but wishing it could and (still) thinking maybe it can (Ha! take that pessimism!)

Hope your day and week is peaceful and fruitful!


Gillian said...

Relaxation... sounds good! When you figure out how to do the chores with a relaxed frame of mind, let me know how it is done!

JulieB said...

Pick your favorite music to listen to whilst the chores are accomplished. It takes your conscious mind to someplace else while your subconscious gets it all done!