Monday, March 15, 2010

Reading list

I saw this stack of books at a friend's house yesterday.

She's a new homeschooler.

It begs the question all parents considering homeschooling ask themselves: Should I homeschool my kids or should I just commit myself now to the insane asylum?

Truth is, though, that for many of us, that craziness came from trying to make it work in the "system." My feeling about it five years in is: homeschooling isn't perfect, but it certainly is an amazing journey to embark on with your family.

One thing I know about my friend is she is definitely prepared!


susan said...

OMG I LAUGHED OUT LOUD and I mean really LOUDLY out loud at this!!! Homeschooling? I took that quiz at Queen Pioneer whatshername's blog that you like (I like yours a whole lot better for a multitude of reasons, most of them aesthetic). "I home school and I hate it." It is just a band-aid kind of "solution." But it is often the only available option in this state of MESS where U.S. public education is right now.

Susie (aka Three Boys Farm Mama) said...

Well, Susan, I LOVE homeschooling, but I DO have my days. As does any parent. I think that homeschooling isn't a bandaid for us, although it started sort of that way. I looked at it as a solution to a specific problem for one of my kids and it became a way of life for my entire family. Anyhow, when I saw my friend's book stack I also laughed LOUDLY. It just cracked me UP!

Rona said...

Hi, Susie. I really know nothing about homeschooling. I would like to know more of the details like curricula selection, what input the state has, how the kids "pass," does the state have to issue credits and promotions, do they still have to take the standardized tests, some that we know are invalid...? How does it all work ? Do you get to bypass the insanity of NCLB?

susan said...

your comment gave me new insight, Susie. What I really would have loved? to hire/pay a professional home schooler. They called this a governess years ago. And I'll add that I might truly enjoy homeschooling someone else's kids. That said...anyone who's got more than two kids should definitely consider it.