Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back from the Happiest Place on Earth

About a month ago Mark and I decided to take the kids to Disneyland as a surprise (for Chanukah) and a great diversion from our upcoming medical trials and tribulations. Last Friday afternoon we packed up the van, drove to Oakland Airport and flew down to the OC for three full days at the Happiest Place on Earth.

As cynical as I can get, I'm always taken with the mood at that place. Mark and I usually remark, while sauntering down Main Street, "This really is the Happiest Place on Earth!" and are frequently surprised at how well everyone gets along and how much fun we have.

It was just what the doctor ordered. Ben had three days mostly out of brace, which is a vacation in and of itstelf. All of us practically went into a diabetic coma (barely any protein to be found there, but oh the carbohydrates!). And much, much fun was had.

Our last day there we had an informal treasure hunt. Some of the things on the list:
  • A tantrum before 2 pm.
  • A princess decked out from head to toe.
  • A silly nickname stitched into Mickey Mouse ears.
  • A group all in the same shirt or jacket or uniform.
  • Matching mom and daughter or dad and son costumes.
  • 3 disgruntled employees, I mean, "Cast Members".
  • 4 different Churro stands.

I'll leave you with some images of our trip. And since I was the photographer (of course) you'll see I don't seem to have been there...but Harry's promised to Photoshop me in!

A twirl on the classic teacups

Made a new friend on the Grizzly River Rafting ride (Olivia from Athens, Ohio)

It's great to go on California Screamin' with your friend!

Another trip down the Grizzly River. This is before.

This is during.

This is not quite wet enough.

Is this wet enough?


It's a Small World at night. Beautiful. (It is still decked out in it's Christmas splendor. Toby commented: "I really think they should consider Chanukah. I mean, not everybody is Christian!")

Brotherly love!

Toby got picked to be in the Jedi Training Academy with a Jedi Master Mace Windu look-alike.

Darth Vader arrives.

Padawan Toby's fight with Darth Maul.

Looking pretty happy after his battle!

Oh, wait! Here I am! Can't you recognize me? I'm the one in the middle!


Jenny said...

LOL at your scavenger hunt! I remember all of those things (even did a few) at Disney World. We even saw a (had to have been homeschoolering) crew of 6 or 7 kids, 2 parents, and 2 grandparents all in matching Nemo t-shirts that said "The XXXX's Disney Vacation 2009." As if we couldn't tell. ;)

Glad you had fun. Looks like a blast. We all need a break from our cynicism every once in a while.

Jenny said...

D'oh. I think "homeschoolering" is a stretch even for me as a pretend word. Choose either "homeschoolers" or "homeschooling" for that sentence. I obviously couldn't make up my mind.

Susie (aka Three Boys Farm Mama) said...

I forgot to mention another one of the items on the list was "Really old grandma or grandpa on a rollercoaster." I saw a pair of 'em! And yes, lots of family vacation groups with matching t-shirts!